Seafood and early specials 17th August 2018

August 17th

Early menu (starter plus main) €26 per person   * dishes marked with *


*Sauté Squid and prawns, cha noodles, miso dressing, pickled carrots.   €9.50

* Steamed mussels vegetable julienne, white wine, cream and lovage.    €8.50

*Crispy parcel of French brie, sweet onion & dried fig marmalade, mesclun salad.  €9.50 

* Soba noodles with sesame oil, slow roasted duck, star anise.  €7.50

 Grilled half Lobster, garden herb butter, mixed local leaves. (limited)   €15.00

Seared Scallops, (80grm) sweetcorn and shallot fricassee,truffle oil sherry glaze, penne pasta€13.50

Mixed plate of local Crab, fresh crab meat with lemon balm,picked samphire, grapefruit, lamb’s lettuce, chive and olive oil dressing and  Warm claws with a chili lemongrass & fresh coriander butter sauce.  €13.00


Grilled fillet of Sea Bass, yellow carrot puree,toasted pumpkin seeds, broad beans, passion fruit and carrot jus.  €26.00

*Pan fried fillet of Sea trout, sea lettuce, Puy lentil and lovage butter, glazed carrot.  €23.00

Pan fried Monkfish, chorizo crumb,roast butternut squash, wild wood sorrel pesto, sugar snaps.  €26.00

*Pan fried fresh Ling with pancetta,pea puree, sun dried tomato and garlic butter sauce.  €23.00

* Venison and red wine casserole, root vegetables baby onions and mushrooms. €23.90

Sauté Irish Lamb cutlets and Kofta,roast red pepper, courgette, coriander, & spicy chickpea fricassee.     €26.00