Seafood and early menu 16th May 2018

Extra starters 

Warm crab toe, lemon, coriander & vegetable julienne, fresh crab meat with chive mayo,fresh oysters and organic salmon gravad lax, pickled sea asparagus. (seafood plate)   €11.50

Cold oysters , €11 1/2 doz 

*Steamed mussels vegetable julienne, white wine, cream and garlic.  €8.50

Our fish tonight.

Pan fried fillet of Hake ‘Bouillabaisse style’ mussel, fennel and saffron stock, and hint of wild garlic and seaweed.  €23.00

Grilled fillet of Sea Bass, yellow carrot puree, toasted pumpkin seeds, passion fruit and carrot jus.  €25.00

Grilled whole Black Sole, garden herb butter, mixed salad.   (price depending on size)

*Pan fried fillet of Ling, aubergine caviar, Japanese 7 spice, roast cherry tomatoes and courgettes.  €23.00

*Venison casserole, red wine, root vegetables, baby onions and mushrooms.   €23.90

Sauté Irish Lamb cutlets and Koftaroast red pepper, courgette, coriander, & spicy chickpea fricassee.  €25.00

 Early menu €26 per person 6 pm- 7 pm

To start

Steamed mussels,white wine, cream and lovage.         

Soba noodles with sesame oil, slow roasted duck and star anise.

Root vegetable and thyme Soup

Crispy parcel of French brie,  sweet onion & dried fig marmalade,salad.     


Pan fried fillet of Ling, aubergine caviar,Japanese 7 spice,roast cherry tomatoes and courgettes.


Venison casserole, red wine,root vegetables, baby onions and mushrooms.