Seafood & early bird specials 20th September 2017

Seafood & early bird specials 20th September 2017

Our Fish this evening

Sauté medallions of Monkfish, vegetable macédoine, lemon grass, chili and fresh coriander butter sauce. €26

Grilled whole Black Sole, garden herb butter, mixed salad.

 Sauté fillet of wild Irish Brill, french beans, white radish, oyster mushrooms, pink peppercorn sauce. €25

Pan fried Thornback Ray Wing ‘matelote style’, baby leeks, streaky bacon, button mushroom, baby onions and red wine sauce.(early bird) €23.90

Sautéed fillet of Hake, satay style, crispy onions and cauliflower puree. €22.90(early bird)

Pan fried fillet of Cod, Japanese 7 spice, aubergine caviar, crispy garlic flakes, roast cherry tomatoes and courgettes.€22.90

Grilled fillet of Sea Bass, creamed leek and wild garlic, fried chorizo crumb, roast butternut squash. €25

Extra starters

Shimeji, shitake and Oyster mushrooms, flat parsley, celery, game jus, John Barrett’s streaky bacon, warm potato cake with sage, thyme and oatmeal. €7.50

Steamed local mussels, white wine, cream, vegetable julienne and lovage. €8.50

Grilled half lobster, herb butter, salad. €13.50 (limited)

Natural local oysters €11 ½ doz or €2 per piece.

Meat special  Moroccan style lamb casserole, mixed vegetables and chick peas.€22.90