Seafood and specials 31st July 2016

A la Carte Specials

extra starters

Mixed plate of Crab, warm crab toes with chili lemon grass and fresh coriander and fresh crab meat with mixed leaves,pink grape fruit and chive mayonnaise. €11.90

Soba noodles, sesame oil & slow roasted duck, star anise. €8.50

Mussels; steamed white wine, lovage and cream €8.50


Monkfish, sauté medallions with ginger and scallions, beurre blanc. €26

Lobster, grilled fresh , garden herb butter.€34 approx

Thorn back Ray, sautéed, capers and lemon dice. €22.90

Hake ,sautéed,  fillet, lemon grass chili and fresh coriander butter sauce. €22.90 

Ling; sauté medallions with a sun dried tomato and wild garlic butter sauce.€22.90

Sea bass; grilled fillet of Sea bass, leek & pink peppercorn butter sauce. €24.50


Full Early Menu (link) two course €25 6pm-7.15pm last orders 7pm sat    

Specials early menu

Max's 130

Extra starters; Local mussels steamed with white wine cream and garlic.

Seafood chowder            

Soba noodles with sesame oil, slow roasted duck and star anise.


Grilled mussels with garlic butter,parsley & breadcrumbs.

Sauté Irish Squid, chorizo, thyme,leeks & mixed rice timbale.

 Max’s fresh homemade soup of the day.

 Crispy parcel of brie, sweet onion &dried fig marmalade, mesclun salad.

Early menu fish

Thorn back Ray, sautéed, capers and lemon dice.

Hake; Sautéed fillet of Hake, lemon grass chili and fresh coriander butter sauce.

Pollock, pan fried fillet with pancetta,puy lentil, lovage, smoked ham and tomato dice butter sauce.

Meat Special   Wild local rabbit casserole slow cooked in Kinsale pale ale, with nudja, mushroom and white radish.

Braised Kilbrittan Pork belly, local cider, pain d’epice crumb.