Seafood and specials 8th June 2016


A la Carte Specials

extra starters

  • Soba noodles with sesame oil &slow roasted duck .€8.50
  • Mussels; steamed white wine, garlic and cream €8.50
  • 1/2 Lobster, Grilled, fresh herb butter and mixed salad. €13


  • Hake;
  • Sautéed fillet of Hake, roast cherry tomatoes, crispy garlic, beurre blanc.         €22.90  
  • Ling; Sauté medallions with pancetta, buttered Puy lentils with lovage, glazed carrots and celery.   €22.90
  • Sea bass;Grilled fillet of Sea bass, leek & pink peppercorn butter sauce.                           €24.50
  • John Dory;Sautéed fillet with a vegetable and basil butter sauce.      €28.90  
  • Monkfish;Sautéed medallions with cumin, warm butternut squash chutney, beurre blanc.     €26.00 
  • Full Early Menu  (link)

    Specials early menu

    Extra starters; Soba noodles with sesame oil, slow roasted duck and star anise.

    Local mussels steamed with white wine cream and garlic.

    • Sea trout; pan fried fillet of sea trout, leek and pink peppercorn butter sauce.
    • Hake fillet,lemon grass chilli and fresh corriander butter sauce.
    • Ling, saute medallions with a sun dried tomato and wild garlic butter sauce.

     Meat Special 

    Venison pave, apple with cranberries, roast parsnip, mirza sauce.