Tuesday nights alternative menu.

Tuesday’s at Max’s we are running an alternative menu of small bites and tasters, we will endeavor to change the menu every Tuesday.

Tuesday 14th November (snack, bites, small plates alternative menu)

Raw fish plate;  (Smoked haddock tartare, Ballan wrasse ceviche, tuna with 7 spice and sesame, soy dip.) €7 

Sauté squid, Spaghetti, tomato sauce, black olives and garlic flakes.€5 

 Mini fish and chips, petite pois puree.  €5

Soba noodles, with seasame oil, slow roast pork, star anise. €5

 Lamb Kofta skewer, cous cous, aubergine, raita with mint. €5

Gulai Ayam; Aromatic Indonesian style chicken curry. €5 

 Cheese and meat plate;  Brie, comté, venison pate, westphalian ham, chorizo, sourdough. €7

Sides  €3

Basket of chips.

Bread, dip, sticks and tapenade.