Desserts Summer 2017

Hot sticky toffee pudding, pear and date compote, vanilla ice cream, toffee sauce. €7.00

 Shortcrust pastry, vanilla crème légère, fresh local strawberries, blackcurrant drizzle. €8.50

 Vanilla ice cream, fresh local strawberries, raspberry compote, toasted almonds, cream, blackcurrant drizzle and meringue.  €7.00

Vanilla ice cream, fresh cream, chocolate sauce, toasted almonds, crushed amoretti, meringue. €7.00

 Warm chocolate and almond torte, white chocolate ganache, cappuccino mascarpone. €7.50

 Mini Bourbon vanilla crème brulée, lemon madeleine, mulled wine & blackcurrant poached pear. €6.50