Max’s Vegetarian options.

*please note that specified  reservations are required for this menu as a courtesy to the chef.*

2 course menu €28


Soup, butternut squash, orange and ginger. (v, c, )    

 Casserole of spicy chickpeas with black olives and fried garlic courgettes. (v,c)   

 Mixed salad with cashew nuts, basil and bulghur wheat.   (C specify) 

   Main courses not all are available every night.

Chestnut mushroom, celery and tarragon fricassee with vegetables, peas and scallion pomme croquette with oatmeal.

 Moroccan style chickpeas with garlic, black olives and fried courgettes and tomato. (c, v specify )

 Pad Thai rice noodle (hot or mild), mixed vegetables and egg. (c ,v specify)

 Mild thai style lemon grass curry with coconut, butternut squash, potato, peas,

carrot and courgettes, basmati rice.(v, c )


 V= vegan, c= coeliac            Specify= dish can be adapted.