Sunday 2nd August Lunch

Sauté Squid and prawns, green tea noodles, miso dressing, pickled carrots.  €9.50

Soba noodles with toasted sesame oil, slow roasted Skeaghanore duck, star anise.  €8.50

Crispy parcel of French brie, sweet onion & dried fig marmalade, mesclun salad.  €9.50

Grilled half Local Lobster, garden herb butter, mixed leaves. €15.00

Spider crab with lemon verbena mayonnasie, crushed avocado, cherry tomato and courgette salad, pink grapefruit. €13.50

Pan fried fillet of Haddock, baby leek, chorizo crumb, butternut squash, creamed leek sauce, basmati and wild rice.  €19.00

Moules frites, steamed local mussels, white wine, cream, vegetable julienne and lovage, garlic crouton, homemade chips. €19.00

Slow cooked Pork belly with five spice, honey and local cider, red cabbage, carmelized onions and tender stem brocoli.€19.00

Extra Sides

Side leaf salad / Side mixed salad  /€4 / Max’s chips, fleur de sel  €5


Hot sticky toffee pudding, pear and date compote, vanilla ice cream. €8.00

Vanilla ice cream, fresh local strawberries, raspberry compote, toasted almonds, cream, blackcurrant coulis and meringue. €8.00

Mini Vanilla crème brulee, almond croquette.  €6.50

Dessert of day; apple and rhubarb crumble                    €6.50