Specials and Early menu 5th- 6th March 2018

Menu March 7th

*Early menu  2 *course €26  / 6 pm to 7.15 pm last orders (7 pm Saturdays)

Early menu Starters

Grilled mussels with garlic butter, parsley and breadcrumbs.   

Soup:  Max’s fresh homemade soup of the day.

Indonesian style chicken wing, pickled cucumber.

Crispy parcel of French brie, sweet onion & dried fig marmalade, mesclun salad  

Early menu fish

Sautéed fillet of Hake, satay style,crispy onions, toasted peanuts, cauliflower puree and grilled florets.

Meat Special Early menu

Wild Rabbit and chorizo casserole,thyme, celery, sherry, tomato and potato.

Fish A la Carte

*Sautéed fillet of Hake, satay style, crispy onions, toasted peanuts, cauliflower puree and grilled florets. €22.90

Grilled fillet of Sea Bass, vegetable achards, fresh coriander, black olive and tomato butter sauce.  €25

Pan fried Monkfish, espelette chili, cockles, courgettebuckwheat, caramelised cider and olive oil vinaigrette.  €26

Sauté Irish Lamb cutlets and Kofta,roast red pepper, courgette, coriander, & spicy chickpea fricassee. €24.00

Meat Special A la Carte  

Pan fried Barbury duck breast (med rare),honey glaze, damson plums and celeriac. €22.90

Vegetable dish of day

Sauté Brussel sprouts, carrot celery and garlic. €4