Seafood & early bird specials 18th May 2017

Seafood & early bird specials 18th May 2017

Our Fish this evening

Pan fried fresh ling medallions with pancetta, broccoli, cherry tomato and butter sauce. €22.90 (also available on Early bird)

 Sautéed fillet of Hake, satay style, crispy onions and cauliflower puree. €22.90 (also available on Early bird)

 Grilled whole Black Sole on the bone, garden herb butter and mixed baby leaves.(price dependent on size.)

Sauté medallions of monkfish, lemongrass, chili and fresh coriander butter sauce, vegetable mirepoix €26.50

Grilled fresh local Lobster, garden herb butter, mesculan salad. €32 per lb


 Grilled fillet of Sea Bass, creamed leek and wild garlic, fried chorizo crumb, roast butternut squash. €25

Extra starters; 

Grilled half Lobster, herb butter, mesculun salad.€13 (limited)

Steamed local mussels, white wine, cream, vegetable julienne and lovage. €8.50

Mixed plate of Local crab     Warm claws with a chili lemongrass & fresh coriander butter sauce and fresh crab meat with pink grape fruit, coriander mayo and mixed leaves. € 11.50

Meat special;(also available on Early bird)

Wild  rabbit casserole, slow cooked in Kinsale pale ale, white and pink radish, lovage, nudja. €22.90