seafood and specials 23rd August 2016

Seafood specials 23rd August 2016

A la Carte Specials

extra starters

Mussels; steamed white wine, cream, vegetable julienne and lovage €8.50

Soba noodles with sesame oil slow roasted duck and star anise. €8.50


Wild Irish Turbot, fillet and sauted with a puy lentil, lovage, smoked ham and tomato dice butter sauce.€28

Local Lobster , grilled fresh, garden herb butter sauce. €32 approx

Medallions of Monkfish sauted with ginger and scallions, beurre blanc. €26 

Black Sole, grilled on the bone.€30 approx

Sautéed fillet of Hake, lemon grass chili and fresh coriander butter sauce.    €22.90 

Ling; Sauté medallions with a sun dried tomato and wild garlic butter sauce.  €22.90

Sea bass;Grilled fillet of Sea bass, leek & pink peppercorn butter sauce.    €24.50

Full Early Menu (link) two course €25 6pm-7.15pm last orders 7pm sat    

Specials early menu

Extra starters;Mussels; steamed white wine, cream, vegetable julienne and lovage

Soba noodles with sesame oil, slow roasted duck and star anise.


Grilled mussels with garlic butter,parsley & breadcrumbs.

Sauté Irish Squid, chorizo, thyme,leeks & mixed rice timbale.

 Max’s fresh homemade soup of the day.

 Crispy parcel of brie, sweet onion &dried fig marmalade, mesclun salad.

Early menu fish

Hake; Sautéed fillet of Hake, lemon grass chili and fresh coriander butter sauce.

Ling; Sautéed medallions of fresh ling, sun dried tomato and flat parsley butter sauce.

Meat Special  

Venison and red wine casserole with root vegetables, baby onions and mushrooms.