Seafood and specials 21st November 2015

Saute fillet of Fresh Hake
Saute fillet of Fresh Hake
Steamed Mussels
Steamed Mussels

Seafood specials 21st November 2015

Grilled whole black sole on the bone, garden herb butter sauce.€28-€30

Sautéed fillet of hake, lemongrass, chili and fresh coriander butter sauce.€22.90

 Grilled fillets of sea bass, leek and pink peppercorn butter sauce. €24.50

Pan fried fillet of sea Trout, almond butter .€22.90

Extra starters;

Pheasant: Salmis of wild Irish pheasant, pasta, chestnut mushroom,pine nuts, celeriac and smoked ham.                                                                

Steamed local mussels, white wine, vegetable julienne and lovage.€ 8.50

Soba noodles with seasame oil, slow roasted duck and star anise €8.50


Early Menu €25 6pm-7pm(link)

Themed Wednesday night menu (link)