Seafood and specials 27th-28th March

Seafood specials 27th-28th March 2015

HAKE; Sautéed fillet of hake, lemongrass, chilli and fresh coriander butter sauce. €21.90

LING: Saute medallions of fresh ling,  tomato concasse, celery and basil butter sauce. €21.90

SEA BASS; Grilled fillets of sea bass, leek and pink peppercorn butter sauce. €24.00

Turbot: Saute fillet of Wild Irish Turbot with scallops, wild rice, shitake mushroom and tarragon butter sauce, €28.90 

Meat special; Roast guinea fowl, grape, orange and mild star anise sauce. €23.50

  Early Menu 27th-28th March


 Bistro Menu 30th March-3rd April