Seafood and specials 11th March 2015

Seafood specials 11th- March 2015

Sautéed fillet of hake, lemongrass, chilli and fresh coriander butter sauce. €21.90

Saute medallions of fresh ling, sun dried tomato and wild garlic butter sauce.€21.90

Grilled fillets of sea bass, leek and pink peppercorn butter sauce. €24.00

Saute fillet of wild Irish Turbot, with scallops and a wild rice, celeriac, shitake and tarragon butter sauce.  €27.90

Extra starters  Early bird ( full Menu) 10th February 2015 

Soba noodles with sesame oil and slow roast duck with star anise.

Soup; Wild mushroom  and thyme. 

Bowl of steamed mussels, white wine cream and garlic.

Early menu fish

Saute fillet of hake, lemongrass, chili  and fresh coriander butter sauce.

Saute medallions of fresh Ling, sun dried tomato & wild garlic butter sauce.

Special of day

Moroccan style Lamb casserole.

Braised Kilbrittan Pork belly, pain d’epice crumb, local cider.  

Stuffed Chicken with smoked ham, basil and mature cheddar.